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I just love eating

My mum would tell you that I've always been a bit gobby. My obsession with my mouth naturally turned into one that involved putting all of the food in it, so it was a big surprise to everyone - including me - that I ended up both gluten free and vegan. But what about mince and onion pies? Thankfully, having restrictions didn't put me off my dinner, in fact, it increased my passion for being in the kitchen even more than I thought possible - apparently trying to make everything that I used to love scoffing into shiny, new, cruelty free and safe to eat versions was the most delicious challenge imaginable. Vegan & gluten free mince and onion pies are much more smugly satisfying anyway.

People quite often wonder what on earth I could possibly eat, but having put on 2 stone in 2 years, I'm certainly not going without, and I'll be damned if I'm not going to try and fatten the rest of you up along with me.

I'm afraid I can't quite do water into wine, but whether it's turning carrots into smoked salmon, mushrooms into mince or chickpeas into chicken, or just a good, hearty dinner nothing like your mum used to make, I'll happily be your professional feeder.


Sharing is caring

My nan didn't talk to me for a week once after I rejected the third pack of Opal Fruits she'd offered me that day. I'd eaten the first two and just couldn't stomach another. You see, for us lot, eating and feeding each other was the (sometimes rather unhealthy) way that we showed we cared. It's how we celebrated achievements, healed sickness, cured heartache and created a space of comfort and nurturing, and as my dietary requirements changed, my family cared enough to adapt too. Being able to have choices and to feel secure and looked after when you eat is so important to me, that I want to share that feeling with whoever I can. I truly believe everyone deserves a safe place to eat. It's the best way.